Chimney Flashings

Ventilation Cincinnati

For over 35 years DeVore Roofing has serviced Mason, West Chester, Loveland, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas with all types of chimney installations. Chimneys that are not flashed properly will cause major water damage to you home. That is why when you install your new roof and chimney flashings they must be installed by a professional. One installation process that has become a lost art is soldering. If you solder your flashing metal in the correct fashion the base of your chimney will stay dry for the life of your new roof.

There are other concerns that can cause your chimney to leak and they are mortar joints, brick, chimney crown, flue liners, chimney covers, wood and vinyl siding. But, the majority of the time it is always improper chimney flashings that cause the water damage to your home.

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