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Cincinnati Chimney Flashings

The word “chimney flashing” is often times a new word to many homeowners. It’s certainly not something the realtor highlights when selling a home. But the reality is, quality functional chimney flashing is a vital component in your roof system. Damaged chimney flashing allows water and moisture to enter your home, potentially cause extensive water damage, and creates a challenging and costly repairs. If you suspect you might have chimney flashing damage or would simply like some peace of mind with a general inspection give us a call and we’ll take a look. We’ve been working on Cincinnati roofs for nearly 40 years and when it comes to Cincinnati chimney flashing we’ve made a name for quality installations, and repairs that last.

What is Chimney Flashing?

You can find chimney flashing where your roof meets your chimney. The purpose is to create a waterproof seal that protects your roof and chimney from water penetration. If chimney flashing is installed correctly it will last the lifespan of your roof or longer.

Types of Chimney Flashing

There are only two types of metal that should be used when installing chimney flashing. The reason is that both galvanized steel and copper can be soldered. Soldering the chimney flashing is a permanent seal where as using silicone or any other caulk will not last.


Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel has excellent strength and anti-corrosive properties. Galvanized steel will need to be painted to keep the metal from rusting. The proper way to paint galvanized metal is to paint with one coat of primer and one finish coat.


Is light weight, very durable and looks great. It will never rust and withstands any kind of weather. It does not need to be painted. Copper material will be a shiny goldish color when installed. It will turn a bronze color in approximately one year and turn a Patina color in about ten years. It is however, a more expensive option but you will never need to paint the copper.

Importance of Quality Chimney Flashing Installation and Repair

There are two parts of a brick chimney flashing system. The base of the chimney which includes the back saddle, the front base and the side wall step flashing. The second part is the counter flashing that goes over top the base metal.

A common “shortcut” sub-par contractors do on chimney base flashing is to use silicone or caulk to seal the corners of the base of the chimney flashing.  This is a temporary seal and will start leaking soon after the chimney flashing is installed. The proper way to seal the corners of the base flashing is to solder each corner or any change of direction of the flashing metal. This will create a permanent seal.

A common “shortcut” sub-par contractors do on brick chimney counter flashing is called “pinning”. This is when the metal counter flashing is nailed or “pinned” to the brick, and caulking is applied along the top portion of the flashing to “waterproof” the system. This method is vulnerable to popping loose and developing cracks in the caulking after only a few years. If chimney counter flashing is installed this way, it will require constant maintenance to remain water tight. The proper way to install your chimney counter flashing is to grind out the brick joint of each counter flashing, install the lip of the counter flashing into the ground out joint, plug the joint with a lead plug and re-cement the brick joint.

Sometimes your chimney will be countered with wood siding, vinyl siding or stucco. These will work fine as long as each material is installed and sealed properly.

DeVore Roofing is known for Cincinnati chimney flashing that lasts. We have continued to use the lost art of soldering the chimney flashing. If you solder your flashing metal the right way, the base of your chimney will stay dry for the life of your new roof.

Working with Professionals Pays

There are other factors that can cause your chimney to leak including: bad mortar joints, damaged brick, chimney crown, flue liners, chimney covers, wood siding, vinyl siding and stucco. But the majority of time it is the chimney flashing that cause the water leaks.

Prevention is always the best medicine. Schedule a chimney inspection and rule out damaged chimney flashing and everything else that could lead to costly repairs. Only work with a company that’s been serving Cincinnati for decades and knows what Cincinnati homes demand.

DeVore Roofing are certified professionals who take pride in every job. There’s no chimney job we can’t handle and get done right the first time. Join the thousands of Cincinnati home owners who have enjoyed our services over the years. Get the peace of mind you deserve for your home by giving us a call today. 513-821-2985

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